Power Transmission, Distribution and sustainable energy solutions

Green energy is an electro-mechanical engineering consultancy firm. We always think economical sustainable energy solutions. What’s more, we know the local environment needs and specific problems that need to be tackled.
In  all our designs for the electrical and mechanical systems we focus on suitability of the design by emphasising energy  efficiency and adopting latest technology in low energy consumption devices and conducting energy optimisation and lighting studies, we can provide solutions that exceed clients expectations. We have been studying and experimenting renewable energy resources in the country, and also very active in demand side management and distributed generation initiatives.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission
Carrying the responsibilities of customer needs, find an optimal solutions, and value added services.

Our Vision
The happiness of our clients is one of our committees, and supporting Dubai vision through the transmittal of sustainability at a world class level of accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

Our Values
Sustainability, innovation, safety, integrity, costless and excellence.

Our Valuble Clients

Tamdeen LLC
Nakheel Co. LLC
Dubai Investment
Dubai Properties

Our History and Development

Green Energy was established in 2007, it has a group of professional engineers having many years of practical experience in the field of power generation, transmission, distribution and sustainable energy solutions. They were involved and played an important role in the development of electricity infrastructure at one of the most  dynamic cities of the world, that is Dubai. The firm is based on collection of many years of the founders knowledge with a blend with the highly qualified individuals who have joined the firm since its establishment.

Our Strategy

We are a UAE based firm having the knowledge and background of the evolvement of energy sector in the country. We conduct our business at the highest levels of professionalism and considering the international practices and standards. In all our projects we strive to provide our clients with the best solutions and services. Green energy is a consultancy firm believes in its asset of professional engineers and in continuous race for excellence and growth.

System Quality

Green energy quality policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers. This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities. Achievement of this policy involves all staff who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the managing director or quality manager. To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the managing director retains responsibility for the quality system with routine operation controlled by the quality manager.

Safety First

Our Health and safety engineers are making sure that the procedures and system design are preventing people from getting sick and property of being damaged, they combine knowledge of systems engineering and of health and safety to insure that machinery, software, furniture, and other consumer products will never cause harm to anyone or damage to buildings because we believe that safety should be first.

Green Energy Team